Some Of The Best Paid Android Applications

Possessing a phone that uses the Android operating system can be entertaining. One reason is it means you have a smart phone (which usually brings more merriment that a typical cell phone). Another reason is you won’t have to be bored out of your mind, as long as you have you phone with you. Isn’t that why all those Android applications were designed – to keep you from twiddling your thumbs? And to help make your daily life just a little bit easier? By now you have probably worked your way all the way through the free Android applications. Toying around with paid apps, however, can be more terrifying. You don’t want to exhaust your hard earned money! To avoid the stress from blowing your money, these are top paid Android apps (at least in our opinions).Camera Zoom FX is ideal for the photographer who desires their camera phone to have the same capabilities as their digital camera. This paid Android app is near four dollars (it is listed as less than two pounds). This app can be cantankerous, but so can a lot of the apps – including the free ones. This application comes with more than forty standard fixes for the photos you take with your Android phone. You can balance out the white in your pics, geo-tag the pics you snap, upload your pics to the your social networking sites with the touch of a single button and even do rapid burst photo shooting. Pretty neat for an affordable paid app, don’t you think?Checkbook Genius Hyper is an application with a funky name. However, it is not a laughable application. You don’t even spend four dollars on this application. It keeps track of your money. You can track your personal and business expenses. You’ll have a record of your receipts. You can pay your bills from this application. It is possible to track more than one account. This is the application everybody desires to have as they go about their daily activities. It saves your from having to look at each different bank account when you need to see the balances, as well as tracing your spending footsteps.

For those who often find yourself out of the US, you should think about owning an unlocked android device. Using an unlocked system will permit you to make use of your smartphone with any carrier worldwide. CELL2GET (Read More) have fantastic customer support and can assist you in finding the ideal unlocked phone to meet your needs. You can also keep up to date with their news and special offers on their Vimeo and LinkedIn pages.

For less than one dollar (at the time of this writing) you can have a bunch of fun with the Air Hockey app for Android phones. There are few game applications that can hold the player’s attention. Think about it though: who doesn’t like to play Air Hockey? The Air Hockey app is, quite possibly, the most popular paid game app in the Android Market. It holds its popularity even when you compare it to the free app market. You won’t even pay a full dollar for it. Why not give it a chance? These are only a couple of the top paid Android applications out there for you to select from. More are being developed every day. The primary reason behind picking a paid application is you might discover if there is a free application that can do the same job. If you absolutely cannot find an equivalent free application, you can spend your money on the more costly application, with a clear mindset. Don’t forget to think multiple times before you drain your money on a paid application. You don’t want to squander your money if you’re able to avoid it!