For a Limited Time Only, Prices on Select Smartphones with the Most Comprehensive Set of Onboard Bells and Whistles will be Dramatically Marked Down

It’s been a hot summer throughout the United States, so is holding its first-ever Coolest Features Sale in response: for a limited time only, prices on select smartphones with the most comprehensive set of onboard bells and whistles will be dramatically marked down – mobile handsets such as the Blackberry 9700 with its 2.4 inches of screen real estate for stunning high-resolution graphics in over 65,000 colors or Nokia’s N900 running Maemo 5 Linux with a built-in 5 megapixel camera. There are many models to choose from, and interested parties are invited to visit the company website for a complete list of eligible phones.

In anticipation of a spike in consumer interest, has stepped up its operational capacities, hiring new short-lease warehouses and temporary workers. Their order fulfillment infrastructure was revamped less than a year ago, but booming business has forced executives to take on additional resources so that the crush of anticipated sales does not overwhelm the streamlined system!

“Summertime is the traditional nadir of the retail electronics industry,” explained Paul Frank, a spokesman. “What this sale does is capitalize on a current event, the blistering weather, and go from there to identify with potential customers. It was decided that instead of simply having some kind of ‘super summer saver’ tradition, that kind of a sale, we would focus on features, the coolest features.” When pressed further, he was even more direct: “And it wouldn’t hurt our chances at the upcoming NYRAC awards, either” – a reference to the New York Retail Association Consortium, a local merchants’ group that recognizes excellence in retailing worldwide with programs that encourage innovative thinking in the industry. is a Brooklyn-based retailer of unlocked cell phones that takes pride in being an equal-opportunity employer with an interest in its community, as expressed through charitable donations and scholarships over the years. finances its philanthropic interests through the sale of contract-free phones, catering to the ever-growing market of consumers who wish to rebel against unfair terms and conditions by providing real communications choices. specializes in unlocked cell phones without the contract. That means any handset can be used with any carrier, making for true freedom of choice and convenience for the average consumer. But all the major national and regional carriers are still available for those who don’t mind the traditional cell phone activation route or prefer to use a particular network.’s recent upgrades to its e-commerce infrastructure were designed to revolutionize online shopping convenience.

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